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Alrighty, first blog post up on newgrounds. This is avl1991 (aka "AvlAdmn", "ChaosDragon11590", and "Xeonthezel", and to others, just plain Anthony. I'm the (rather limited.. LOL) brains behind G-Stream, a rather.. struggling game creation team.. Well, it -would- be a team, if I actually had team members that did anything on a relative basis. Right now it's a rather sad one-man team. I'm getting better and better with music, some forms of art, and minor bits and pieces of programming, and sadly the most vital part is preventing from any games to get remotely far in production - programming. You see, for those who might know zilch about it, without the coding or scripting to guide the computer to execute the task, you can have all the music and sprites you need, and all you'd ever end up with is a bunch of garbage. Random sprites and sounds. Coding is the one weak point of this team, both for the team itself and the position I need filled. You see, I've gone through several coders so far. About.. 10 or so? Not a single one has been "exausted" to the point of not being on the team. They just quit. Or slipped away. Or I got rid of them. Why? Laziness. Boredom. One even contemplated suicide because of his life and most of all - stress with coding. Another one lost all his computer files in a crash, and oddly enough, this was the most loyal member who claimed to help me no matter what. So much for that... The person lost interest and gave up on coding. I gotta give some of them credit. The little snippets of code I got from them have made it into the game as requested. Every single bit. Yes. All of that one code snippet was used by me as intended with all permission given to me! So within about 3 years of searching for possible programmers, and only going through about 10 different ones, I got about 2-3 bits of code for my games, and well? Only one of them was useable. I guess my "team" wasn't a total loss.

..Anyways, ranting aside, I really need programmers at the moment. Seriously. Any language at this point. Either help me or take over the programming job of the game while I handle the rest. I just want to get this project off the ground, and the speed I'm learning this stuff at coupled with HOW I learn it is not helping. So please, if you can spare some time, please help me out, and if you don't join G-Stream, at least join G-Stream|OPEN - The category of G-Stream dealing with temporary help. not official team members, but dedicated help. Open to anyone.

PM me here for more info.

Game info/Topic: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/87 1470

Also, I really didn't want to get to this, as I'm stretching my money out as it is (spendable-wise), but prices CAN be negotiated. I really don't have the money to spend, but if you will ONLY help for a price, then we can discuss pricing... (Not that the team is ready to give jobs, but if I have to do it to make this game, I'll make a risk and pay someone.) Just know ahead of time that payment will be given AFTER the work is done due to people dumping me in the past. That way you either code some of it and give it to me for free, or you STICK with the project. Who knows, if you have to stop the project for NORMAL (Read: Nothing to do with laziness/depression (petty crap, not severe depression)) reasons, I'll just ask for the incomplete source and give you a fair section of what you have earned..

Again this is IF I decide to and am able to pay. (aka no other choice)

EDIT: "G-Revolution Games" Forum is old and abandoned. Like will stay up untill I can get someone to take care of forums since when I tried it it was a total flop. :/

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